Boat Size Owner Name Profile
Allison 20 Michael Drury Team Allison PRO10106b.htm
Alumacraft 17 Lori Dimperio Team Alumacraft PRO20269.htm
Arronow 25 Ron Dantin Team Arronow PRO1082.htm
Awesome Cat 27 Brandon Lagarde Mixed Up PRO12151.htm
Baha 26 Donnie Moutz Mickey Mouse PRO1091.htm
Baha 29 Craig Spindel Sunseeker PRO1200.htm
Baja 21 Miguel Garcia & Renee Clear Team Islander PRO20267.htm
Baja 23 Hunter Bourgeois Team Baja PRO16221.htm
Baja 24 In Memory of Randy Nevers Andiamo PRO12152.htm
Baja 24 Lance Panepinto Jr Plan B PRO19257.htm
Baja 24 Will Pike Maybe Later PRO14198.htm
Baja 25 Frank Christiana jr Team Baja PRO20278.htm
Baja 25 Gary Sharbonno Never Satisfied PRO12147.htm
Baja 25 Klaas Vander Meulen Typical Situation PRO11134.htm
Baja 26 Prahngar "Cookie" Draper Outlaw PRO7021.htm
Baja 27 Brett Curole Disturbing the Peace PRO21290.htm
Baja 27 Chase Cullifer Wanna Bet PRO20268.htm
Baja 27 Keith Johnson Frisky PRO16222.htm
Baja 29 Jonathan Faust Fluid Situation PRO21295.htm
Baja 30 Lance Panepinto Team Baja PRO14193.htm
Baja 33 Richie Duhon Beached Vacation PRO13169.htm
Baja 36 Robert Sigsworth Aguaman PRO21286.htm
BlackJack 22 Eric Bouza Team BlackJack PRO22302.htm
Buck 18 Donald "Buc"Barkemeyer Sick Her Pup Pea PRO6001.htm
Chaparral 35 Shawn Trahan Roger That PRO18247.htm
Chris Craft 21 Brad Nichols Overtime PRO17235.htm
Cigarette 35 Bill Robinson Sheaux Gun PRO14224.htm
Cigarette 35 Mike Templet US 1 PRO11120.htm
Cigarette 35 Myles Holcomb Cafe Racer PRO7078.htm
Cigarette 39 Brent Adkins Without Permission PRO15214.htm
Cigarette 42 Randy Cavanaugh Team Cigarette PRO12201.htm
Cigarette 42 Jay Trusheim Xccelerator PRO17244.htm
Cigarette 46 Steve Rogers (to be announced)  
Coach 23 Liz Speaks Fluer D'Liz PRO20282.htm
Cobalt 28 Kent Streeter Wine-N-Down PRO11260.htm
Concept 32 Ed Anderson Jus Chillin PRO13266.htm
Concept 32 Eric Sonier Plumbloco PRO16226.htm
Crownline 22 Donald Carcich Team Crownline PRO11119.htm
DCB 34 Donovan & Tammy Johnson Rum Buoy PRO15217b.htm
Donzi 22 zx Claude Trosclair Team Donzi PRO11124.htm
Donzi 22 Don Dugally Team Donzi PRO11116.htm
Donzi 28ZX Vincent Margiotta la ultra donna PRO19261.htm
Donzi 35 ZFC Gerald Dunne AngelFire IV PRO12267.htm
Donzi 35 ZF Mike Mahne You Never Know PRO17239.htm
Donzi 38zrc Leo Mediamolle Donzi Girl PRO9074.htm
Donzi 38zr Vu Nguyen See Vu Play PRO10102.htm
Eliminator 28 Joe Luscy Bad Grass PRO21288.htm
Eliminator 30 Angelo Phillip Ain;t My Problem PRO13164.htm
Envision 29 In Memory of Bob Reynolds I'm Spent, PRO5032.htm
Formula 27 Benjamin Jude The Other Woman PRO20280.htm
Formula 29 Ed Alonzo / Lavonne Wattigney Team Formula PRO21298.htm
Formula 29 Mike Allen Team Formula PRO10105.htm
Formula 31 David Roshto Team Formula PRO11115.htm
Formula 35 Gary Morykwas Connundrum PRO15210.htm
Fountain 27 Melvin Cason Lose Yourself PRO14189.htm
Fountain 31 Deborah Trahan & Jeff Crow No Woke Zone PRO21289.htm
Fountain 32 Chris Duet Team Fountain PRO11271.htm
Fountain 32 Chris & Virgil Ericksen Team Fountain PRO21291.htm
Fountain 32 Tim & Simone Dixon Cool Change PRO18246.htm
Fountain 34 Jeff Harding Hooked Up PRO11270.htm
Fountain-FOR SALE 35 Brandon Brocato Evasive PRO8048.htm
Fountain 35 Dennis Gonzales Classy Lassie PRO10112.htm
Fountain 35 Louis Ochoa Liquid Assets PRO21284.htm
Fountain 35 Richard Collignon Hot4teacha PRO12160.htm
Fountain 35 Steve Guidry It's All Good PRO8059.htm
Fountain 35 Jay Price Patriot Games PRO10165.htm
Fountain 38 Beth & Chris Jarreau Shake N Bake PRO21287.htm
Fountain 38 Eric Campo Double D's in Da Breeze PRO11229.htm
Glasstream 24 Carla Williams Team Glasstream PRO17231.htm
Glasstream 28 Darren & Julie Hagan Southeast of Disorder PRO21296.htm
Glasstream 36 Ronnie Schmitt & Conrad Frey Knot Responsible PRO21285.htm
Hustler 38 White Noise Arthur & Amanda Downing PRO20265.htm
Hydra Sport 24 Ronnie Beecher Reel Dat PRO11133.htm
Lavey Craft 27 Michael Drury Team Lavey PRO10251.htm
Luhrs 41 Ted Fraiche Fraiche-Catch PRO05014.htm
Magnum 27 Sean Desselles Bad Decision PRO10111.htm
M T I 39 Michael Roeling Team TeeBones PRO9261.htm
M T I 39 Pete Tufaro Jr Red Rocket PRO7016.htm
M T I 39 Richie Prince Go Daddy PRO8052.htm
MTI 39 Shane Moreau HELLCAT PRO14281.htm
MTI 42 Jeff Whitlock Team MTI PRO17241.htm
MTI 44 Brandon Lagarde Pier 57 PRO17234.htm
Nordic-FOR SALE 28 Troy Richards Invested Wisely FOR SALE PRO12157.htm
Nor-Tech 39 Craig & Patti Mears Happy Ours PRO21292.htm
Nor-Tech 39 Darin Watkins No Blues PRO21299.htm
Nor-Tech 43 John & Tracy Saucier Team Nor-Tech PRO13301.htm
Outerlimits 39 JT Dohm Sandman PRO6262.htm
Outerlimits 42 Keith & Kristin Johnston One More Time PRO21297.htm
P&D 24 Dave Jobes Outrageous Team01.htm
P&D 24 Tom Morrow Impatient PRO5011.htm
PowerPlay 33 Pete & Lee Montecino Playtime PRO20271.htm
PowerPlay 33 Scott Leonard Wanna Play PRO19256.htm
PowerQuest-FOR SALE 28 Bob Maggio Ba Da Bing is FOR SALE PRO5020.htm
QuarterShot T-1 18 Paul Dowlin T-1 PRO5023.htm
Regal 24 Vincent Carollo Team Regal PRO21294.htm
Rinker 29 Chris Calongne Liquid Addiction II PRO17242.htm
Rinker 30 Bill Peltier Moor Toys PRO20275.htm
Scarab 21 Will Purkel Less's More PRO19258.htm
Scarab 23 Bobby Beecher Wellcraft PRO7013.htm
Scarab 30 Gregg Simon SimonSez PRO12141.htm
Scarab 38 Alan Holley Good Gracious PRO19260.htm
Scout 26 Jimmy Sierra Team Scout PRO15261.htm
Seadoo 18 Chris Friloux The Doux PRO8054.htm
Sea Pro 21 Dru Hesse Team Sea Pro PRO6008.htm
Sea Pro 22 Scott Galliano Hope Floats PRO10108.htm
Sea Ray 27 Jonathan Lawson No Regrets PRO20266.htm
Sea Ray 27 Mike Fiorillo E-Sea Rider PRO19248.htm
Sea Ray 29 Paul Delise Aqua Therapy PRO19250.htm
Sea Ray 30 Glenn Gagnard Papa G PRO15281.htm
Sea Ray 38 Allen Smith Jr Fran ta Sea PRO16220.htm
Sea Ray 38 Mike Smith Crescent Queen PRO10230.htm
Skater 308 Craig Mears Knot Her Cruiser PRO21293.htm
Skater 38 Kort Wittich Back 2 Kort PRO70270.htm
Skater 40 Keith Nunez ,Hot Pursuit PRO7008.htm
Sonic 34 Corey Babin This is how you Sonic PRO17245.htm
Southbay 24 Carlton Haycook Ms Sue PRO17232.htm
Spectre 36 Richard Dicharry Fog Cutter PRO1411.htm
Statement 35 Mike Fitzpatrick Throwin-Fitz PRO17240.htm
Statement 36 Charles "Bubba" Baetzman Not Yours! PRO22301.htm
Sunsation 25 Mickey Landry Knot My Fault PRO15206.htm
Sunsation 32 Larry Raziano Team Sunsation PRO16243.htm
Sunsation 32 Steve "Fast" Lane Fast Lane PRO6000.htm
Sunsation 34 Kort Wittich Kort Ordered PRO70270b.htm
Sunsation 36 Brad Thompson Team Sunsation PRO15235.htm
Trojan 44 Peter Ingrassia Island Time PRO20264.htm
    Wave Runners    
Yamaha 12 Bill Robinson Lil Tipsea PRO14192.htm